STANDARD FROZEN FOODS EXPORTS PVT. LTD. follows certified and globally established quality norms because the credibility of our business is entirely dependent on the quality of meat that reaches the end consumer. We make sure our production facilities maintain high standards for food safety, sanitation and all other operational practices. We are certified by all significant external inspection bodies.

Our quality control system is audited biannually by reputed agencies. The well-qualified quality control department trains workers to follow international standards of hygiene and quality. We ensure a range of parameters of cleanliness and health are checked thoroughly at each stage of the process. Our laboratory has microbiology, chemical, and wastewater sections. The competent lab staff carries out necessary microbiological, parasitological and physicochemical tests.

Also, we are always willing to accommodate specific requests by customers. We welcome you to inspect our factory, the livestock, the products and the processing unit.

A vigilant eye on the world market trends helps us take important production decisions. In combination with our experience, expertise, and efficient methodologies we deliver the best products to our clientele from all around the world.

We are 100% export oriented company. We appreciate the opportunity to provide Quality which promises fair pricing & ability to deliver on time.

“Quality runs through the core of our business”


“We received the best services we could hope for!”